About Us

It is our belief to excel we must continually improve in ways our customer’s value.

Innovation, through advanced training, providing quality craftsmanship and using the latest available
technology is our quest.

We will continue to support our customer’s needs and attract new business through our unwavering
conviction to maintain the highest quality standards and customer support.


manufacturing industries served

  • Mechanical Components & Assemblies
  • Laboratory & Test Equipment
  • Military & Defense
  • Mining, Oil Drilling & Refining
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Components & Connectors
  • Health & Medical
  • Agricultural & Farming
  • Fluid Power Equipment & Valves
  • Aerospace
  • Factory Automation
  • Transportation
  • Renewable Green Energy

Reach Out Anytime

Sales Contact: Kirk Johnson - kjohnson@tripleedgemfg.com

Technical Support Contact: Chris Gubernat - cgubernat@tripleedgemfg.com